Thursday, February 28, 2008

Student Art Society

The return of SAS and the first meeting of Student Art Society was a huge success today. Around 12 Mekoryuk students packed into the ol' Mr. Iverson room ready for art pandemonium. The medium Decoupage, music and school and gossip magazines, cardboard boxes, and the musical theme of the week was underground hip hop. Students got to work right away and here is some of the ModgePodge-ulation that took place.

The musical artists that we listened to included the Blue Scholars, Beastie Boys, Cut Chemist, Blackalicious, Outkast and the new Beck. They really seemed to like the music a lot more than the hippie stuff I usually play.

The kids shared, learned from watching, got creative and made some really cool decorations on their boxes. Although I must say that they will need a little more practice.


Anonymous said...

Something to think about. Would any of those kids have had this experience without you?

Harvey said...

yeah this montosh i know that in like fifth grade or something like but it was really fun man i hope we build somethimg like rerally big about five feet tall and three feet diameter. and mostash it however u spell it well outie i go

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