Friday, February 29, 2008

Overalls Friday Report: A Good Week's Hard Work

Overall, the week, like wine and cheese, got better with age. The kids got better. Some got worse too (you know who you are, c'mon lets get it together!). Next week is a short week for us, we get Thursday and Friday off. I'm not going anywhere and I'm dog sitting my next door neighbor's dog Sweet Journey. Yes the dogs name is Sweet Journey.

I hosted open gym today. Only 5 kids came. I don't think its a very big incentive for them to come because they get to shoot all the hoops they want at YouthGroup. But I did get to shoot some hoops and toss the football around.

I have a pretty good feeling today. Its a feeling that not everyone gets after a week of work. Some people think "Thank God Its Friday, I couldn't spend another second in this dump." Lordy knows I think that too, but this week I had this feeling I get when I feel like I worked my arse off and did a good job. I learned this feeling when I used to have to do endless hours of manual labor yard work for my Dad as a kid. It sucked while I was doing it, I kind of hated it, I worked hard though, and I'll be damned if it didn't look and feel good afterward. There is something about doing a good job that feels good. After a tough days hard work you kind of respect the blisters a little bit more. They'll grow into callus' soon enough. Well, I got mental blisters, and mental callus' and mental sore muscles (some real ones too), and mental joint pain, but it feels good.

Other news, only 83 short days until I'm home for summer. Thats just under 12 weeks or 3 months. Ya hoooooo!

I also feel it necessary to note that I won't be able to write on this day for another 5 years because today is the 29th of February (why is FebRuary spelled like that?) leap year! Its actually not that exciting.

Just so I can leave you with a mental picture, I'm gonna spend the rest of the evening curled up in sweat pants on my couch drinking orange spice tea, burning Nag Champa incense, reading my Anastasia book, listening to Yonder Mountain String Band and eventually watching "Perfume" a movie I just got on Netflix. Doesn't that sound nice? Wouldn't you want to hang out with me? I mean if you were stuck on an island in the Bering Sea I think that I could provide pretty much the most pleasant and wonderful night of company and entertainment on the island, but alas, I amuse only myself. I guess I'm not as cool as I feel, oh wait, my students remind me of that every day!


Hal said...

thats where your wrong my brother, you are way cool!!! As a matter of fact, you probably are as cool as you feel.

Harvey said...

yeah i cant weit unteal tha ssumer 2 com hurr and due whet evr i wand well latea

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