Tuesday, January 8, 2008

When the music hits you, you feel no pain

I'm a couple days into the week now. Life is starting to chug right along again. I know something is wrong with me. I'm not exactly sick, I don't have a cough, my nose is slightly runny, and I'm always feeling kind of groggy in the head. I wish I would just be normal or get sick and get it over with, this Cold Sample Pack of symptoms isn't cool. Luckily I have a brand new drug on the market. Its called ALO. You might be wondering what is that? Well, it is short for Animal Liberation Orchestra. ALO is a band, and I used my iTunes gift card to get both of their albums. I have been rocking them so freaking hard the last two days that I only feel good when they are on a stereo near by. I can't believe I pulled such a blunder as to not spend more time watching them at High Sierra last summer. My brother stayed, he was wise. I have to see them this summer, I will see them this summer.

In other Alaska bush related news, I am almost out of food and am starting to get rather creative with my reserves. Ah, canned/frozen foods, nothing makes you feel more proud or more sickly than to eat out of a tin can or a reheated iceblock night after night. I get paid next week, then LOOK OUT BABY the vegetable will rain from the skies.

Yet further incidents of note: My pipes froze up for a couple of days and I finally got a shower today for the first time in a while. My friend and maintenance worker Ralph spent the last two days under our teacher housing unit like a bad ace worrier in -20 deg. F weather, with his blowtorch and wit he eventually freed the ice trapped inside the pipes. My hat is off to you Ralph, What a hard core mother SHUT YOUR MOUTH he is.

My Moroccan tea is keeping me sane at the moment. I'm trying to cut back on soda pop these days. The sugar addiction is a hard one to break. I'm also pushing the fluids at the moment. I really don't want to get sick. Out here Bronchitis, Strep Throat or Pneumonia kills people. I guess like 10 people from my village got MEDIvacked (sp?) for this bug that was going around over break. I really don't want to get it but these little buggers just keep coughing and spitting and wiping their grubby little hands all over everything. My awesome library bank of antibodies powered me through some family sicknesses over break without catching them. I fear that the colds out here on this island have never been had by my body therefore I'm susceptible.

Well I got a RELIX a SPIN and a PASTE magazine to snuggle up and read. I also have been reading the Curtis Creek Manifesto: A Fully Illustrated Guide to the Strategy, Finesse, Tactics and Paraphernalia of Fly Fishing that my parents got me for Christmas. I also brought home a Stranger and a Seattle Weekly that I'll bust out next week when I start to really feel out of the civilized loop again. You take such simple delights as these for granted.

Well time to put another pot of tea on, see if I can use my sexy "Sick" voice to strike recording gold. Remember be good to eachother out there, if the women don't find you handsome they should at least find you handy.


Anonymous said...

NOOoooo! Don't get sick! I thought maybe you had craftily escaped getting whatever it is that I have, now you have me worried though. Keep drinking your tea, and think healthy thoughts. Also I sent a postcard today, but it was already smudged so I hope you can read it. Miss you.
p.s. That pic on the blog is from this new years? How did I miss the guy with the blue hair? Don't answer that.

Anonymous said...

I was afraid you might get sick! Keep fighting it and you will beat it I am sure. I sure don't want to hear about you going off the island by medivac. And what is up with having no food?! Get it ordered, including lots of nourishing items to help you ward off the invasion of sickness. Don't make your momma worry any longer! You know I love you. Mom

alisha said...

That has to be the most irrational, illogical string of thoughts i've ever heard put together...even for you. I'm entirely amused. I'm glad to hear you had a great break and that you are safely back. I can tell that you're refreshed...i can hear it in the tone of the blog. I so missed reading your blog while you were gone. I think I even went through some radiate warmth withdraw. Glad your back. Take care and keep healthy.

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