Saturday, January 12, 2008

Saturday Morning...Afternoon

As a result of the cocktail of enjoyable cold and flu medicines that I ingested last night, I slept for 13 hours. Benedryl, TheraFlu Nightime Cold, and a Melatonin natural sleep aid. The funnies part was that I tried to pop popcorn and watch a rented movie. What a joke! After looking at the scene index today, I made it 3 scenes into the movie. Instead I slept on the couch till 6 am when I awoke (still in my overalls) and stumbled to bed for 6 more hours.
It was during this round of chemical induced sleep that I had an epic dream.

I had been transported into orbit onto a sort of orbital space eco/bio-dome. I was a co-captain of this ship. More than any other aspect of the dream I remember that the pilots cabin and the living quarters were inverted, that is to say that when I looked above me in the pilot cabin (really looking down) there were people walking upside down (or actually right side up). That might seem confusing but just imagine looking up at your ceiling and seeing someones sitting on it looking at you.
It was also in this weird space dream that a military takeover happened. I was forcefully removed from my ship and transported to a desert like island where I was placed in prison. It was space jail. I could go into space jail further, but it resembled my High School but in a eastern Washington like desert with beefed up security features. Regardless, I made some friends in jail. There were frequent riots. The thing that kept most people from escaping was that the nearest establishment was 20 miles away through deadly desert. During one of the riots our prison chamber door was blasted open when a large steel table crashed into it. We escaped, took the running shoes off of some dead guards and started collecting water bottles. After we collected enough water bottles, we ran out the front gate. This wasn't unusual because no one in their right mind would try to escape from such a desolate location. We gathered outside. I had a mustache and so did my friend. He resembled someone I used to play little little league baseball with (but older...with a mustache), and we put on our new shoes, slung the water bottles to our backs and started running. We crossed the desert by sundown, we seemed like we were in amazing physical shape, and we reached a small shanty town. Everyone there was Mexican even though we were on a desolate desert prison planet. I understood them amazingly well. Breaking out of space prison was so much fun that we had an old Mexican man drive us back in a jalopy pick up truck so that we could do it again.

The point of the dream isn't really known to me. But I think it does explain what happens if you mix cold medication in your sleep.

In other news, another cold snap has foiled my ice fishing plans today, which is sad because the epic 13 hours of sleep has resulted in me feeling great today. I don't want to shoot myself in the foot but I think I might have beaten this bug.

So now I'm drinking coffee, thinking about making apple pancakes, and watching the Seahawks try to beat the Packers in a snowy Green Bay. I kind of giggle when I think that most of America considers that cold. Its midday, sunny, and -16 deg F. Nuff Said.


C.P. said...

Hey Kale,
Glad to hear you're feeling better. This cold is getting pretty ridiculous, but I am enjoying the extra sunlight these days. And sorry, but I have to do it... GO PACK!

alisha said...



Glad to hear you are feeling better and while -16 is certainly cold, it's been hovering around -30 here in Bethel. Which is just crazy cold. you know we're gaining almost four minutes everyday now? if you think about it...that means we'll gain 40minutes of sunlight in 10 days. That's awesome!

have you been ice fishing yet? I wanted to go over the break, but didnt get around to it.

Take care and Go Pack!

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