Tuesday, January 29, 2008

One day left to vote for Readers Choice topic 2

Well well well. Its all tied up, we have a phantom voting waffler. SOME person is flip flopping their vote in an attempt I think to make a three way tie between gnomes, triceratops and Kevin Costner. In the case this is the final poll I will be forced to somehow, impossibly, weave all three of these topics into a coherent thought. This frightens me. But, I will overcome. Keep sabotaging you heartless villain, I dare you.


alisha said...

Maybe you should include modge podge in with that great threesome of intertesting topics to write about. Come on...you cant just talk about modge podge and not tell us what it is. Even after a serious request of information...you have denied me...i will not let this rest...what is modge podge da*n it? Talk about villians, you are the villian who is holding modge podge hostage, you must free the modge podge.

I feel better today...thanks Kale!

Anonymous said...

Since someone apparently tried to manipulate your poll, I think you should write about cane toads, the one for which no one voted. It could be interesting!
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Are you telling me you've never seen that one movie in which Kevin Costner plays a mutated gnome with teleportation powers who accidentally ends up in the Jurassic age where he finds that Triceratops are the ruling elite and must barter his soul in order to get back home and return to his non-mutated original Kevin Costner state?
You should rent it, it's perfect for your next poll post. muahahaha.
p.s. I'm not the villain manipulator, but I like whoever is.

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