Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Oh my sweet Mary, Moses and Joseph I got music!

My blog is nearing the complete. The last and most important part of my life can now be included in this blog. Thanks to one of my students, Jon, I have found out how to put music on my blog. I can't believe it finally happened. Now, as you read the blog you can hear the music that most likely inspired it. I have put up some initial flavors for your musical pallets to enjoy and I'm not even sure how I'm going to manage this. I do know that I am so happy. Let me know if it dramatically slows the upload time of the page and I will only put on one or two songs.

By a similar twist of fate, the son of a colleague, (In town from Missouri State doing some linguistic studies on the local language) was kind enough to gift me about 600 new songs. I am like a child on Christmas morning! Beach Boys, Beastie Boys, Daft Punk, Jurassic 5, Miles Davis, The Roots, and the WuTang Clan oh my! I am really happy to get a little hip hop back in my life. Not nearly as positive of music that I normally listen to but man, it is good to get a lit of that beat from the street back in my brain. I forget sometimes that I lived in Tacoma, Washington. Its not always a world of trees and sunshine, there's a concrete jungle out there, and if you watch Baraka you'll know what I mean.

Let me know what you can choose any song from the playlist to listen to, you don't have to listen in order. Does the music auto start annoy you when you log onto the page?


alisha said...


The music is cool and amazingly doesnt seem to slow down the site much at all. It seems so fitting that you would be the one to figure out how to get some music on there. having that auto start feature will make it difficult to discreetly read your blog while pretending to be enthralled by school data during an inservice...i'll just have to remember to turn off the sound. Have a great week...too bad your not coming to town for the's gonna be fun!

FerricChef said...

University of Missouri at Columbia, not Missouri State, XD. No biggie tho :)

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