Saturday, January 19, 2008

Cleaning House Rocking Out

I had to clean my house today, thats what a nice person does when they are about to have a house guest over. I mean I had to sweep and mop and clean the toilet and vacuum. I keep things pretty clean normally but there is that little extra you need to do when you have a guest. The problem is that I am listening to this Flowmotion Show from New Years 06/07, and every time I get cleaning I just start rocking out with what ever object I'm holding (broom, mop, spatula, fork and spoon drumming). I was actually at this show and when I listen to it I rock out like I did when I was there. I'll tell you all about the band of the week tomorrow, but I still can't stress enough how unbelievably good Flowmotion is, please support them and get any of their albums.

Gather Light to feel the life of all creation,
Morning stars are shining so bright give you such a sensation,
We are the children of the light, it's our generation
Come together feel so right, with your love and vibration

-Flowmotion Lyrics from "Gather Light"

This is yet another way to explain my philosophy of life, this is a religious text to me.

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