Friday, December 14, 2007

Am I Eccentric?

I got called eccentric yesterday by someone who's opinion I value greatly and I have thought of a lot of adjectives to describe myself before, but this was never one of them. I feel like I am anti-establishment, alternative, weird, furry, maybe even possibly odd. Maybe many of those explain what an eccentric person is but I never thought that I was so odd that I would be interpreted as outside the reality of other peoples normality. So in an effort to understand whether or not I am eccentric or not I am going to look into the word itself.

An "Eccentric" is defined by the Encarta Dictionary as somebody who is unconventional, especially in a whimsical way. I will own up to this one. I especially like the whimsical way part. I like to be whimsical so Eccentric-1 Kale-0

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Eccentric as acting or thinking in a strange way. Crap, I definitely can't escape that, my thoughts are never normal. Eccentric-2 Kale-0

They offer an alternative definition-not of the usual or normal kind. Man, I'm beginning to look a lot more eccentric as this investigation goes along. I really don't consider myself usual or normal anymore. Eccentric-3 Kale-ZILCH!

So its looking like I'm an eccentric. Is that a bad thing? Lets look at synonyms of "eccentric" in the Webster's Collegiate Thesaurus.

Their definition is more precise: one who deviates from established patterns especially in whimsical ways. I like this a lot more than others, it conveys that an eccentric person isn't just the way they are because they were born that way, rather, they may choose to be different. Eccentric-3 Kale-1

Synonyms: oddball, oddity, original, whacky, bohemian, maverick, nonconformist, dissenter, heretic, coot, freak, skrewball.

First of all, I am not a coot. I might be an oddball. I guess some could say I'm a freak. The rest of those words I would proudly own up to.

I guess I always thought of eccentric as old and off in their own weird world. I'm getting a little older, I'm getting a little weirder, and after the evidence I have decided I am on the path toward being an eccentric but have, in no way, earned such a title yet. Also, eccentricity is a term put on someone by others. If a whole bunch of eccentrics got together and a normal person walked by they would all look at each other and giggle and say there goes a normal!

So its Friday, finally, this eccentric in training is going to go home and totally vegetable out. I'm pooped.


Scott said...

Is it possable to be a part time eccentric? I have a normal job but if you lined me and my coworkers up I would certanly be picked out as the one that dosn't match the others but I definetly think I'm good at what I do.By the way Your beard is comming along nicely,far surpassing my meager efforts but I don't live on a rock either.

Anonymous said...

“acting or thinking in a strange way “.
On an overall basis, one may find patterns to define the common or norm, but if you found other people with similar patterns of being non-usual whom, became a dominant part of your everyday life, then would that not become normal too?
What is normal. What is the norm? Even if the common is identified, moving to another place, another time, or another culture, then the previously normal, is no longer the norm. It is all relative to the perceiver of normality.
The term itself, I believe to be originating as an outsiders term

YourMom said...

I'm an eccentric, i love it! Its like being weird but instead of weird theres like a whole other word and personality for it....yea its pretty awesome.

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