Thursday, November 29, 2007

List: Late Night Gentle Observations of my life

ONE: I am going to miss David Letterman when he is gone. He is so funny and I can't stand Jay Leno. Dave cheers me up.
TWO: I accidentally bring home white board markers all the time, and then I don't take them back to school. Now they are dispersed all over my apartment, what is wrong with me?
THREE: It is currently 35 degrees F outside with a windchill temp of 17 degrees. The wind is blowing at 45 mph with gusts up to 60 mph.
FOUR: Unlike other states, I imagine it is very exciting and challenging to be a meteorologist here in Alaska.
FIVE: On the news there was a hospital bed interview of a guy who got sliced in the head with a machete by his bipolar son. The most interesting thing to me is what he said, "I'm just so thankful his roomate didn't pull the trigger (he pulled a gun). I don't blame my son, I blame the disease." This really blew my mind.
SIX: The structure of my building is shuttering in the wind.
SEVEN: I'm really mad at myself for not getting completely obsessed with Tom Waits sooner.
EIGHT: Any random additions to this list would really make me happy.

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Anonymous said...

ONE: Why do I think of all these things I need to do and accomplish when I get home from work but then never get them done?
TWO: We might get snow tomorrow and I am about the only one around here who looks forward to it. (after all, I have a Subaru so what's the problem?)
THREE: They should have an addiction group for reality TV junkies like me. Maybe then I could stop.
FOUR: I'm not that into women's college hoops but it is noteworthy that the new WSU coach just signed her first recruiting class and it is ranked 16th in the nation! She was fired from UW last year!
FIVE: It's okay to be passionate about what you love. I am passionate about The Cougars, Christmas and my baby boys!
Love, MOM

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