Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Answer these questions and you'll unlock all things mighty.

Think about what sustains you. Is it a car? Is it kid? Is it a man or a woman? Is it memory? What fills you with warmth? What makes you giggle? Why on earth don't you think like that anymore? What is holding you back from staying within that realm? What is holding you back from being happy now? Is it you? Is it me? Is it someone? Is it the government? Is it money? Is it your the decisions you've made? Is it your fault? Is it someone elses? Are you in love? Have you ever been? Have you ever had an adventure? Will you ever go on one? Have you ever helped someone? Has someone ever helped you? Are you a good person? What will people say when you're gone? More importantly, do you care what they will say? Should you? If you had to pick a song to characterize your life what would it be? Have you ever felt broken? Have you ever been resurrected? Are you the champion of anything? Do you have any friends? Does that bother you? Are you positive or negative? Are you good or evil? Are you both at the same time? Is there meaning to life? Is there meaning to your life? Do you have hope? If you could move would you? If you could change yourself would you? You can change yourself, why don't you? Does it hurt when you wake up? Do you feel good at the end of the day or like someone robbed you? Do you want people to mourn you or throw a party? Do you like to party? Do you like cake? Do you like Sundays? When was the last time you watched a sunset? What about a sunrise? Did it matter to you? Are you awake or simply dreaming? Are you here, now? If not, where the hell are you? Does any of this matter? Can you really answer any of these questions definitively? Do you ever think about infinity? Can you ever really clear your mind? Are you happy? Can you be happy? Can you make yourself happy? Is being happy important? Is it your right? What if you were stripped of everything you owned and forced to become a slave? Do you believe in aliens? Do you think aliens will help us or destroy us? Do you watch reality tv? Would you watch a show about yourself? Do you keep a journal? Do you know what it would be like if you did? Would you let others read it? Would you post it on the internet in a fairly new medium? Would you tell people about your internet journal in hopes that they would share it with others? Would you write different if you knew people were reading what you wrote? Would you ask those people questions...a lot of questions?

Would they respond to it if they read it?


Halskies said...

the answer you are looking for is 42-
I love you buddy

Susan Iverson said...

You have clearly given us all a lot to think about. For your information, I am happy and it is important to me! And that is really all I want for you.

stephie said...

ok i answered all of them,,, sent it by emaail.. are you going to answer them? does this mean you are learning how to be a happy person?

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