Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Laid Off and then Laid On

After the Title 1 money ran out last week they informed me at X Middle School I would be getting laid off two weeks before school was out, leaving my little devil angel's to return back to from whence they came and me with two weeks of subbing at the end of the year. But magically, once the school and the schedulers realized what a disaster it would be to re-release my little kiddos into the population of regular classes what a catastrophe they would have one their hands. Then they magically "found" more funding and informed me that I could stay on till the end of the year. Yes I want to see my darling 8th graders off into the pre-high school sunset but also I realized what a challenging last two weeks it would be with apathy at an all time high at XMS.

Other than that things have been good. Hal and I have been working our asses off in the yard planting our first urban Garden. Right now we have manufactured garden space out of every nook and cranny of the yard and have managed to plant 30 sunflower plants, 8 beets, 6 cucumber hills, to pumpkin hills, two rows of carrots, two rows of spring onions, about 40 sweet onions, ten potatoes, 6 corn, 6 strawberries, two raspberries, grapes, blueberries, and have plans for peas and leafy greens soon to follow. The soul turned out to be just fine and with a little love and care we've got ourselves an impressive first garden effort. Urban gardening is awesome, it forces you to be resourceful, imaginitive and crafty with the difficult space you are given to work with. Pictures and updates on garden life to come.

We're all settling into a nice little life just in time for summer to come and blast the walls of routine.

SO much summer coming.

Sasquatch at the Gorge in two weeks with a gang full of crazy people in a RV.
Bu Crew Men's Campout at the Gorge with all the class of 2004 bro's friends
4th of July at the rents who's coming?.
String Cheese Incident at Horning's Hideout Oregon with the usual summer deviants
Camp Conco Family Campout in Eastern Washington with the fam and cousins
Possibly saturday night of Meltdown
Playing Big Bottom fest near Packwood in the white pass area
then the school starts up again!

Have a nice week y'all


Reese-E said...

and what about your trip to texas? hmmm??

Susan Iverson said...

How come you haven't told your mother about staying to the end of the year? Here I have been worrying about you. Glad they saw the light! Now, on to a permanent position!

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