Thursday, April 15, 2010

Washington Educator Career Fair...

The last time I went to this meet and greet market I was horrified by all the school districts only there to shake your hand and give you a website. Last time I went to the career fair I desperately needed a teaching job (my first one) and ended up moving to an Eskimo village in Alaska due directly in part to this exact career fair. Last time I went with a great great amazingly awesome wingwoman and freshly back from her adventures in Peru she will go with me again today (having met the Hawaii people last time).

This year I am not so doe eyed and freaked out. This year I have 3 years of teaching under my belt. This year I realized that all the school districts that are trying to hire you on the spot are probably doing so because they can't hold onto teachers fast enough. This year I will take more pens.

This year I will look for the right job. The thought of scraping by as a substitute for another year is rather dreadful, and yes I would really like health insurance, but there's no way I'm moving to east BumbleF**k for a job anytime soon. I have some definite prospects for right here in Tacoma next year and I owe it to myself, my family, my increasingly important friends to stick around and give life here in the Puge a real try.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Break Wrap Up

Holy Cow. What a break.

Started off a little slow. Then wednesday I went to Steven's Pass to ski with my friends and it was the best day ever. Sunny most of the time. No feet of powder but instead super nice groomer runs that we decided to totally bomb down. I've never got so many runs in for a day.

Then good times with friends thursday night at the house. Friday night I went to Olympia and saw two incredible bands that were new to me with my best buds Randy and Suzye. First was MARS RETRIEVAL UNIT. They were super good funky spacey jazzy tribally proggy rock that had me shakin my booty real hard. Then they were followed by THE SPECIAL PURPOSE, equally amazing and bad ass. Then last night I went and TAPWATER open for The Special Purpose in Ballard at the Nectar Lounge. Tapwater was insane good and spanned such a wide divide of genres from drum circle to Elton John to Funky Bluegrassy type stuff. So much fun and I got to see my Seattle friends which seems to be a much more regular thing!

Then today. The Iverson Clan celebrated the resurrection of the Lords only Begotton son by going to a semi seedy Lounge in the holy land of Fife for dinner followed by a spirited evening of gambling at the Emerald Queen Indian Casino. I got a super super sick easter bunny basket from my mom and dad. The "basket" was a kitchen compost bin thing and it was full of super good candy and TOOLS! I'm so so so so so so so grateful that I didn't have to spend my day in some stuffy church listening to an ancient story that may or may not of even happened. Instead I spent it with my parents and grandparents and had a blast (and won 80 bucks woot woot). Despite the fact that the only Easter I've ever known has been a commercial one (and will remain that way), I am thankful that these days exist because people worship magical sky people periodically throughout the year, it gives me and me heathen family yet another reason to be together and enjoy each others company.

Have a good week.
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