Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My neglected readers

I can't really tell if my recent leave of absence on The Good Things is being noticed but I do apologize for it.

I have been really busy and all over the place with the holidays and blogging kind of got put on the back burner. When my life became a constant triage the blog twas mearly a flesh wound.

Life is good...ish. I am really excited to go with my bestest friends down to Portland for March Forth Marching Band on New Years Eve. 20 freaks in High School Marching band uniforms playing dirty funk music while stilt walkers and synchronized circus acts dance around is my definition of a good effing time.

My mom had a really good birthday with me and my dad and grandma at the Muckleshoot Indian Casino. I lost fifty bucks.

My brother is now jet setted across the Atlantic Pond to Ireland in search of the meaning of life and a job. I miss him already.

Other than that I simply promise a lot of interesting shit to come on the blog in the new year 2010 (that sounds so futuristic)

Happy new year, be safe and have fun

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ups and Downs

My car needing 600 more dollars of repairs for the power steering pump
Not being to move into my house for another month at least
No work for 2 weeks which means no $$$ for two weeks

My show at Beyond the Bridge Cafe went incredible. I was funny, people cheered loudly and I had fun. So good!
Christmas Gifts are almost done
No Work for two weeks which means no little shits to babysit

I feel like I'm neglecting you blog followers. I just don't have the internet access I used to.


Monday, December 14, 2009


Saturday was my birthday. It was amazing. I got to see so many good friends and family. It sure made a part of my year that normally depresses me so much more enjoyable.

I would write more and post pictures I just don't have the time at the moment. I plan on doing a better update this week so until then enjoy the crunch of the holidays and I'll talk to you all soon.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sub-hater, Mega-Tutor, Old Bones, Rock Star, Crafty Man,

No regular internet is frustrating because I can't update as often as I like.

I used to hate subbing. Now I just don't care. It is incredibly hard to motivate myself to get up and go to work knowing that no one really cares if I do or not. And no one is forcing me.

I don't matter. To anyone.

I did start tutoring though. And I just picked up 4 more clients bringing me to 5 total. I will be a very busy boy in the evenings very soon. If it all works out it should be about 200 plus extra dollars a week as well as providing me with a teaching experience where the students will actually remember who I am. Two of the students are from the Puyallup Indian tribe which I'm excited about.

In other news my birthday is this weekend. I will be at the Unicorn on Saturday at 8pm with who ever wants to come, we will have a merry old time I suppose. I am an old man.

Oh yes an old man, its freaking cold out, and my bones actually hurt today. Now I know that 22 degrees Farenheit isn't that cold in Alaskan perspective, but its also not as wet up there. This cold wet puget sound freezing streak is taking its toll on me. I want to stay inside more, eat soup at all hours of the day, and watch movies. I'm so lazy lately. Grrrrr.

Got to start stepping up the Practicing my music too. My show is next Friday and I need to make sure I'm amazing because if I could land some opening gigs from contacts at the show that would be so bad ass. I have some new songs that need cementing and I need to pick my old ones/covers wisely. And don't even get me started on wardrobe and make up...just joking.

Christmas presents are almost complete. I have a lot of work to do on my brothers gift, my mom's is almost done, my dad's is almost finished, and then there are my friends, but I have some ideas for them. Its a lot more work than I thought to make gifts for everyone but I really hope that they will enjoy them more.

Did I mention I hate subbing? Yesterday the person I was subbing for put the request in wrong and showed up after lunch. I thought I was working a full day, but nope, halfy. $60 down the tubes because a lady can't punch the right number. At least she showed up to watch half of a period of her worst kids completely engaged and learning about insect body structure. The kids then went out of control as soon as she took over the class. Sigh.

You might say to yourself, if Kale hates subbing so much why doesn't he do something about it? Well, its my party and I'll cry if I want to. In fact the mere thought of subbing actually sucks my life essence out making it impossible to do anything about anything. I just keep hoping that some principal or some teacher will see what an amazing teacher I am help me get on the inside for some job. I rule, when will they see! Grrr. This school district (and most I imagine) is very nepotistic, and it seems like the only way to get a job is to know someone. And apparently not even that is enough sometimes.

Well off to a dinner party in Olympia with my bestest friends. To think we haven't all gotten together like this in a while, since summer in fact. I'm not working tomorrow either. Because I don't have to. Nor do I want to. (The one and only good thing about subbing).

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Also, I love you guys.

First Frost, New Hobbies to come.

I guess the fact that the first frost fell in Ruston in the beginning stages of December is a final deathblow to the Puget Sound mushroom foraging season. In only a few short weeks I will start my next passion skiing. Although my future roommate and skiing companion has a bum knee I am determined to ski, even if alone.

Now I'm an avid skier. I started when I was just a we lad and have continued and followed through the years. I took lessons every year at Cascade Ski School (mom and dad chaperoning the ski bus) until I no longer really fit into any of the classes at 14. That's when I started Cadet Teaching (My first experience in teaching by the way). The next year I started teaching for real and getting the measly 30 dollars a day plus the real gold, a season's ticket. I did that for a couple years (had my first car wreck on black ice) and got my Professional Ski Instructor of America Level 1 Certification at the tender age of 17. My brother eventually joined me at the ski school and we had some fun times skiing late into the night just goofing off and being brothers.

I loved skiing so much that one time in high school I pretended to be in Young Life for a month just so I could trick them into letting me go to Whistler/Blackomb Ski Retreat. I was chastised by my cabin counselor for not coming back for cabin prayer time...shouldn't have held it while the mountain was still open idiots. I went until the last lift.

Our family periodically took ski trips to "Silver Mountain" in Kellogg, Idaho, a sleepy little failure of a mining town with a very secret and special mountain growing up. I have always preferred it to the illustrious "Schweitser" in Sandpoint, Idaho because the locals are cooler, it has a sweet gondola ride up to the mountain and no one gives a shit who you are, and it was closer to WSU and cheaper too. Now that I've been seeing adds for the new condos and indoor water park they just opened I wonder if it will still be the same, Californians ruined one of the last nice places we had to ski up here, oh well I still want to check it out.

In college I tried out for the WSU race team (it was more like the WSU drinking team that occasionally races around poles on skis). Race camp was held at Mount Fernie in BC Canada. I didn't make the team but I did have an awesome time and still ski with the helmet, I will never go back to no helmet skiing. I got fat skis that year too. 2002 K2 Axis Pros. They are a little big for me to this day which means I have to ski them fast with large turn radius'. That fits me fine because nothing feels better then fully laying out and carving some butter on some burning Giant Slalom turns.

My home mountain...embarrassingly...will always be Snoqualmie Mountain. They, those being the dicks that bought it and jacked the ticket prices up to 60 bucks a ticket, changed all the names of Hyak, Ski Acres, Snoqualmie and Alpental to Summit East, Central, and West respectively. I guess if you change the name you can change the ticket price, the mountain still sucks, but like home I know every nook and crannie.

I've skiied Mount Baker and it is amazing. I've been to Stevens Pass once and had a great time. I've even skiied in the Adirondack Mountains in Upstate New York. I skiied at Alyeska in Girdwood, Alaska last winter for my only trip and although on rental equipment it was bad ass.

I can snowboard too. I just haven't done it for a while. Maybe if I try more snowboarding this year I can go up to the mountain with people that usually tooslow for me to enjoy my natural skiing pace.

Basically, calling one, calling all, its ski and snowboard season. So get your gear and lets get up there.

Think Snow
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