Friday, October 23, 2009

Atheism Omitted (mostly) post about nothing.

I feel an overwhelming need to write but don't know what to write about. I started a post earlier but scrapped it because it was all about teaching and really boring (kind of like how this one is going). This frustrates me because I've generally been feeling really awesome lately. I would even go so far as to say that life is kicking ass. I'm really enjoying this fall freedom. I love the fact that the leaves are flying around outside, the cold is out, I'm tramping around woods and fields in search of fungus in my free time. Most people tend to shut in and hermit up as the fall/winter approaches but I would say with work, foraging and friends I'm busier than ever. I'm even enjoying me time.

I was at a local establishment last night continuing my reading of Richard Dawkin's the God Delusion. Around me there were people laughing and flirting and competing and enjoying themselves like the little big brained organisms they are and for the first time in a while I was just happy to be alone for a bit. Me and my book, in my little place, on my little stool doing my own little thing. Now I can already see how the fact that I get personal peace and satisfaction from reading an Atheist book alone might sound sad or depressing, but its not. I've been more proud, happy, satisfied and outspoken lately about my Atheism than ever before in my life and sometimes it makes people uncomfortable ....

(omitted lengthy discussion about my feelings on Atheism in America) uncomfortable that I have decided not to post the gigantic post I wrote after the sentence above. If you would like to read it I will email its entirety to you personally just shoot me an email request at Even though I feel its 100% within my rights to write about whatever I want here, I don't wish to make this a debate forum at the moment (not that I think there is even anything to debate) or to hurt/scare anybody.

Despite that little (big actually) blog post omission, life remains amazing, there are little hiccups here and there be I'm taking them in stride. I'm starting to freak out about being able to follow through on our first ever "Handmade Gifts" only Iverson Family christmas giftgiving pact. (Yes I participate in the yearly commercial holiday loosely if not really at all tied to a completely fictitious birthdate of a long passed religious figure from a culture 2000 years disconnected from our own). This year in the Iverson clan we are trying to unplug from the matrix by making gifts for each other instead of buying them. This has proved to provide similar levels of stress as the ones caused by endlessly searching the malls for commercial goods to express your love for your family and friends (and essentially the reason for switching to handmade gifts). Its just so much easier to buy a gift than to make one. But I am determined. My ideas are good, I just need time, supplies and motivation!

This afternoon brings foraging in Point Defiance with my brother and Lindsey. Tonight brings seeing my close friend Kyle Dufault play his music at a show at a local Tacoma iconic venue in a building shaped like a tea kettle. After that who knows what the possibilities could be. Saturday college football with the family, Tomorrow night there are talks of going up to Steven's Pass area to watch some dj's play in a giant tunnel. Life, More amazement everyday. I'm so pumped for whats next.

What's Next:

The pinnacle of mushroom season is fast approaching!
The start of tutoring soon hopefully
A possible long term sub position at Baker Middle School 8th Grade Science
A big move into a new place with kyle and who knows who else
Ski Season

Have a great weekend and week!


Anonymous said...

Someday you will see the light and God will fill your heart with his Awesome love....Until then I will pray for you :)

Kale Iverson said...

after talking to the person who wrote this comment in person it has come to my attention that this comment is a complete joke and a total rip on exactly what I was talking about. The person and I are amused at all the dialogue it has spurred. But the person who wrote this anonymous comment is not a christian at all, just a sarcastic person

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