Thursday, May 7, 2009

one week

Now that expectations have been eliminated from school learning, its actually pretty fun. We had a lot of good laughs today, worked as a whole school to get ready for the graduation ceremony tomorrow.

Tomorrow marks a week till I'm home, a moment I never thought would come, but finally its here! Its so hard to keep my exploding emotions under my hat. I just don't know how to say what I'm feeling without being super gushy and emotional and extry gooey so I'll spare you all.

This weekend will be filled with final apartment cleaning, final packing, and final everything.

On that note I've decided to blow of the Alaska Ed Department on applying for my professional certification, they want me to get all my forms from all over creation that I've already sent them and turn them in AGAIN, besides I already sent all this stuff when I first came up here, and I have to pay them more money/fees, and do a whole bunch of other stupid crap to stay certified in a state I won't even be working in. I figure if I ever come back I'll just re apply since I have all the necessary requirements. No use in battling this notoriously bad department office frantically in the next week and adding more heaping spoonfuls of stress in my life.

I'm getting awful sentimental about my village friends and students. There are a lot more hugs, more reminiscing conversations, and more "I'm gonna miss you's." Its getting beautiful outside and speak of the devil I gotta give a friend a ride to the airport in the old Dodge.

Congratulations Class of 2009.


earth-rabbit said...

Coming home rocks. I was riding on a tidal wave of energy for a few days until it finally broke and went to bed at 7. I'm still so excited by every little thing, especially hot showers and mexican food.

Syd said...

OMG ONE WEEK...I feel all mooshy gooshy sappy emotions exploding and skin tingling and butterflies multiplying!!!! asljghs;igs'foaufoisg

I can't believe WE MADE IT TO one WEEK!!!!!!!!!!

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