Sunday, May 24, 2009

Goodbye London, Hello Romania

Well landmark number one complete, London was fine indeed. Here are my overall impressions:

1: Super Expensive...sheesh, American dollar is shit here.
2: Very very diverse, I've never seen so many people from different races and nationalities all in one place. French, Australians, Indians, Germans, Italians and so many more. We met some great people in this city and really enjoyed their company. Liam from England and Alessandra from Italy proved to be great walking buddies for exploring the city.
3: Walk, Walk, Walk, you can walk for miles and all day and never see it all, what a massive city.
4: There are free museums that rival our most expensive ones in America...educating the people and giving them free health care...what a noble idea?
5: Camden still was my favorite part of London, gotta love that hippy I have to check out the Kooks they sounded great.
6: Hostels creat either a great appreciation for the nationalities of fellow travellers...or great disdane. 30 french teens make you question the french, a idiotic finnish person makes you wonder about them, and so on.
7: Food tastes much better at 4 in the morning.
8: I am very happy I came to London, I don't know that if I had the chance to spend a buttload of money I would pick this country to spend it in.
9: Way better to travel with Obama in office than Bush, people don't hate Americans nearly as much as they used to...but I kind of do, many of the Americans we've met are dooshes.

Well its like the London equivalent of a Memorial Day here so we have to get a cab and simultaneously raped on the price to go to the airport tomorrow so we better get on that.

Peace for now! I love you baby.


Susan Iverson said...

I love you too! Oh, you mean that wasn't meant for me? London sounds like a great start to the trip. Hope Romania lives up to expectations. We miss you.

Syd said...

You are SO good. At making me smile. even from the other end of all tarnation. I Love you too baby. (29 days)

suzyeQzee said...

Camden was my favorite part too. I love free museums! Its the same in Australia. Why should people have to pay dammit!

Corinna said...

I had the most annoying group of French kids staying at our hostel in Barcelona. This kid just kept yelling at 5am, I was ready to clock him in the face. I say "callate, coño" instead and I think that got the message across.

Glad you're having fun - can't wait to hear more!

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