Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Messy Deskspace

My Teacher Desk Space from my perspective:

Awful Holt Environmental Science Textbooks circa 1994 stacked up from jump starting my brain in the mornings, files of math phases completed and stacked up that should be put into permanent files, my gradebook with sticky notes shooting out the sides like fluorescent flags, pens and markers overflowing my cup from my daily collection of left behind writing utensils, un-important mail that I've been too lazy to read or throw away strewn about, a coffee cup that needs washing with last weeks remnants still crystallized in the air hole, a random plastic spoon, crumbs from the cake I was forced to eat when I didn't have enough time to go home for lunch, coffee stained jumbo calendar sitting underneath my dirty white computer, my weeks lesson plans with notes, a mag-lite flash light with a bunch of fruit stickers, student write ups for misbehavior/lack of behavior, Neal Cassady's first and only book "The First Third" that I read at SSR, a Jimi Hendrix Biography I got for Teddie, a 1972 Pentax K1000 35mm Camera, white board marker colored "lime green" my favorite but fading fast, power chords for my speakers and two computers, un hung christmas lights, microscope slides, box of paper clips, stopwatch, envelope full of sand intended to be sent to some arenophile in California, Yoga DVDs, a spool of manila colored thread, an empty film canister, Planet Earth/BluePlanet Box Set, Lysol Disenfecting wipes with bleach, A spray can of Matte Acrylic Sealer, a water color painting of an imaginary tropical fish, a photo of my family from 1988 that is hilarious, Three Bausch and Lomb Microscopes, a cheap knock of Nalgene that I covered up the LKSD emblem up with a "Keep Cool" sticker from one of my grocery boxest, a copy of the LKNEA message board thread, a small porcelain figurine of a rabbit out of a box of Red Rose Tea, and of course a large plastic jar of Grade A jumbo eggs in vinegar dissolving their shells off for an experiment this week.

And to think I just cleaned it all up on Sunday, what a mess teaching can be.


Erin said...

Wow. How big is your desk??

alisha said...

your computer is dirty again? geeesh!


You should come in to Bethel for your birthday weekend...I'm planning to cook a big Thanksgiving dinner since I havent been home at thanksgiving for several years. I am inviting a large group of people over for the festivities and you would be a welcome addition!

alisha said...

I just decided...I'm going to call it ThanksChristmas dinner since it will be in between the two.

Anonymous said...

With that detailed of an inventory, it sounds like you just cleaned it again. I fear that my list might be almost as large - minus the cool art and science things.


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