Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ugg...NYO trip.

I got roped into Chaperoning two 17 year old boys on a Native Youth Olympics (NYO) trip to Akula tomorrow. This means no sleeping in eating pancakes and sitting on my ass watching college football-a-thon on on Saturday, this means one late night guarding doors from mischievous boys, this means sleeping on the floor, this means waiting in airports, this means stress. If you've never seen what happens when teen age boys get around a bunch of new girls they've never met, its a rather interesting sociological moment to observe. The alpha male preening around, the posturing, the

I also get to see another village, something that is always interesting for perspective. It also offers a little break from the norm, but carries the heavy possibility of being weathered out somewhere.

I'll be sure to take some pictures and share the experience.

Today I got a lot of commentary on the new hairdo. Here are some of the more memorable ones:

- "You look so nice, like a normal boy." -Carol Coworker
- "You look like a little kid with a beard" -Harvey Student
- "Dude your ears are freaking huge!" -Ted student
- "Mr. Iverson, was your head cold today?" Sandra Coworker
- "AAAAH, I keep forgetting its you." Dawn student

Tomorrow is Overalls Friday...

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Alaskan Teacher Mentor Pat said...

Hi Kale,
It's great to get caught up on your happenings- the haircut looks awesome, I hope your strength wasn't in your hair. The new school in Tacoma area would be a wonderful fit for you-Alaska will hate to lose you, but you need to do what moves you. You don't have imaginery friends- you have telephone, cyber, blog and cosmic friends. They're real, just not nearby. I miss my visits out to see you but retirement rocks...check out my Appalachian Trail blog linked on my alaskamentorpat blog. My daughter was in Grant Park in Chicago amongst all the emotional tears. Hope keeps us all going. Keep in touch. Pat

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