Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Overalls Wednesday!

Tears! Tears of Joy! Oh sweet moses, mary, and joseph I am overcome with happiness. No students, 4 days, thank the lordy lordy lordy lord.

This Weekends Schedule:

AM- To church basement for community potluck.
PM- To Surrogate native family Peterson's house for dinner most likely involving Musk Ox, assorted wild and or endangered migratory birds, Reindeer, Adult or Baby seal (I heard one got clubbed upriver the other day), Walrus and don't forget the fixins.

AM- Sleep In, Big Breakfast Good Coffee
Midday- Maybe do work if velcro on ass and couch doesn't hold tightly
PM- Sleep on Couch

AM-Sleep In Big Breakfast Good Coffee
Midday- College Football with Ukulele/Art Breaks
PM College Football
Latenight- HBO Championship Boxing

AM- Sleep In
PM- Work at school on classes and blog

Its not the way I prefer to spend a break, vegging out but, I pinched a nerve in my shoulder somehow (from stress probably as sick as that is) and I'm just generally beat up and tired, the kind of tired that only a 4 day weekend can cure.

I would give it all up for one hour with my family though. Just to see everyone, in all their wonderful weirdness and infinite hilarity, just to play horseshoes with my brother, just drink some egg nog with my mom, just to play guitars with my dad, just to chit chat with my grandparents.

My lasting message as I go home for my "holiday" is to love those around you. Give them extra long hugs, listen to them, love them, because they are with you and that is truly something to be thankful for.

My phone number is in the side bar to the right if you want to say hello!

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hdt said...

Sounds like you need that kind of break for a while, though.



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