Monday, October 27, 2008

The worst Monday EVER!

After watching a thrilling episode of my new favorite show the HBO series "True Blood" and waking up rested I headed to school happy with my cinnamon raisen toast w/ cream cheese. Even though I was a little sleepy, I was in a good mood, ready for a good day.

What happened later turned out to be one of shittier days of the year, if not the shittiest, like demonic sculptors, my students and school chipped and chiseled away my good mood until the end of the day when all that remained was a broken rubble pile of cranky Kale. All I really wanted to do was march out into the tundra and scream profanity at the top of my lungs. Has that ever happened to you. I've been trying to be tough, trying to be positive, but today was absolutely awful. And whats even worse, I can't really explain why. Actually I could tell you exactly but I won't, its not going to make anything better.

So I'll just talk about the good things. I got to talk to Katie today, it was wonderful, I got to talk to my parents briefly but was cut short when a colleague came in to tell me about a sad family tragedy that would require his leave.

Now I'm not even done with all my schoolwork, after having to re-tool my lesson plans post Official Evaluation meeting today, I'm not even done grading the Lab Notebooks I couldn't get to due to the trip this weekend. Needless to say, I think weightlifting might be nicked off the agenda.

Lift. Grade Lab Notebooks. Eat something. Do Laundry. Take Shower. Calm Down.

Fitter, Happier, More Productive...anyone know that song?


alisha said...

Bummer, Kale...

Today was really crazy at our school too! Full moon maybe?

I hope everything turns out ok!


Mr. Broz said...

I don't know man, I think being out here makes us go through extreme swings. We are constantly bombarded with massive problems that seem to have no viable solution and we are confronted with wall after wall. When we finally find a crack somewhere we become elated. Finally a success, but the time in between we are simply beating our heads against it, literally and proverbially. All walls crack and break down Kale, you just have to find the right places to let the light shine through.

Hal said...

a pig in a cage on antibiotics...

Syd said...

Gah, I'm sorry you had a poopy Monday.
Be a tree, and hold on tight!

Times like these makes you wish you could make a clone so you can send one Mr. Iverson to school and teach the youngins, and the other one chippin' away at grading notebooks, and liftin weights etc... till' you're all caught up!
It would be nice.
:) I hope the rest of your week kicks ass, you deserve it.

Reese-E said...

oh gosh, true blood is mason's new favorite show now, too! i can't stand it. i think it has a horrible plot, horrible script and horrible actors, but he loves it and has developed a strange vampire fetish. creepy. you guys are WEIRD.

Hope you have a good Halloween!!

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