Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What? A spark? A sliver?

Be it a miracle, be it a momentary glimpse into the what could be, be it a dream, my kids were on point today. They (being the ones that I worry about most) seemed to all work together today to make this skrewed up machine we have turning go smoothly and efficiently. My students are starting to understand their roles as self driven learners, some of my students are even challenging me to keep up with their demands for progress. Moral and spirits seem to be up schoolwide and there is a feeling of positivity starting to take root...knock on wood.

I don't know what the cause is, the absence of a key personality, the long restful weekend, or the hot oatmeal breakfast, but all I can do is hope for 2 in a row you know?

Anyone else hitting a stride out there with their kids?

I gotta go, I'm cooking Spicy Fettuccine Alfredo for friends (two of the three i have) and I don't want it to suck so I'll check in tomorrow.

Did I just jinx my good day?

1 comment:

Susan Iverson said...

There's no such thing as a jinx. Somedays are just better than others. Glad today was a good one for you.

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