Thursday, May 8, 2008

Science...Iverson Style.

As part of our ongoing discussion of AGW or Anthropogenic Global Warming (Human Caused) we started doing some research into vegetable oils and biodiesel as alternatives to burning fossil fuels. To illustrate the immense combustible powers of plants and their derivatives and to just plain have some safe fun blowing stuff up and burning stuff we learned about grain silo explosions which prompted a demonstration of how explosive grain dust can be. The students couldn't believe that I could blow fire by simply puffing flour out of a tube and funnel contraption I invented before school. A little open space in the gym and a hand blow torch and you can be regular Rambo. We also spent some time in class burning different types of nuts comparing their burn lengths and flame sizes to observe different plant oils in action. Here are the photos from this wonderful day.


Anonymous said...

Ummm, what about a smoke detector/fire alarm????

Good grief, if we did that at school the fire department would be there in no time!! :O)

Sounds like a great day-its always rewarding to have a 'fun' day teaching!

Have a super Friday!

ms. cugno to some said...

Sweet. How could I work playing with fire into English class?

Allen said...

it was wonderful working that day with you and the students...
And the fire looks really cool in the picture.
Hope you come next year.
Well later Mr.Iverson..

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