Friday, May 16, 2008

Last Overalls Friday of the Year

Well its official, the last full week of school is over! Thanks be to Allah. Just jokin but seriously today was my last day to wear overalls to school on Friday for the whole year, so I decided to sass it up a bit. I wore a collared shirt and tie underneath just to make it a special day. I'd say overall it was a good Friday and a good week. How did it go out there for y'all?

Last night I came home and passed out at like 8 pm or so, BIG MISTAKE, I woke up on the couch at like 3 or so in the morning and never really got back to sleep the rest of the night. I finally just gave up and laid there with my eyes closed, awake for a couple of hours thinking about all sorts of ridiculous crap. I was thinking about my students, this summer, past girlfriends, song lyrics, people I haven't seen in a while, Global Warming and all other sorts of nonsense, it was annoying.

I spent the hours of 2 pm to 5:30 pm after school today taking down all the artwork, posters, mobiles and DNA dragons from my classroom. Afterwards it looked vacant and depressing, just like my house. I did feel good that sooo much color and flair had built up in the classroom. And the kids made it all! Even though I'll have the same room next year I wanted a fresh start and the fact that our roof is being replaced gave me the excuse to clear the slate. Maybe I'll get lucky and they'll paint my room some awesome color besides manila...sigh...I'm not that lucky.

In other non important news, I got to hacky sack on the playdeck today with some students. I was laughing inside as I realized full well the massive amount of stereotypes I was fullfilling as I popped the rainbow colored bean bag up into the cold spring air I thought "Stinkin' hippies, always lazin' around playin' hacky sack." For the record I sucked.

Nothing else worth noting has really happened lately, just clicking by the hours till I get the hell out of here. I'm out of good food, its too short of a time to buy more, and I'll actually give away all my perishables at school on Monday. I guess mac'n'cheese, chili, pancakes and stuff will have to suffice for now. Graduation potluck tomorrow...score.

Peace Easy Friends

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