Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Some cool photos

Here are some fun pictures from this weekend.
Here on the left we have some dancers from one of the nearby villages (Alisha help me I can't remember). The beat was always slow and steady but sometimes they would really start to rock out and that was always my favorite part. I was going to take my computer and record some of it but forgot it the second day. I want to incorporate some native words, songs, drumming into my music like Xavier Rudd and Paul Simon have done with Aborigini and African music.

On the Right we have the Maori Dancers from New Zealand. The played this crazy hand eye coordination stick game, played guitar and spun Poi. I can't tell you how nice it was to hear some tropical flavored music, I have now officially considered moving to a tropical Native Village to teach next.

And below we have the unbelievable cache of Cadbury Cream Eggs in my fridge I have amassed by simply stating that I like them on this blog. Now if each egg has 7 grams of fat (true) then if I eat all of them maybe I can gain back the 10 pounds I've lost since I moved here.


alisha said...

Those are the Pilot station dancers. They impressed me the least, I'm sorry to say. I really thought the Stebbins dancers were way cool when they started rocking out, as you say. I will be putting up some video and pics of all the dance groups that I saw. Feel free to copy anything you can for your blog. Or just tell all your bloggers that they can go check out my blog for some really great footage of Cama-i...oh wait, I just did :)

Those Canbury eggs look yummy!

erin said...

"Katie says":
I'm eyeing that block of cheese myself...

Anonymous said...

Sigh. I thought I was publishing as "anonymous," but in actuality was accidentally signed in as my friend Erin who is visiting/sharing my computer...oops...sorry I get confused so easily on these new fangled contraptions...

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