Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Humpday Umpdate: Man...Who said the end was easy?

Well, officially 21 days till I'm outta here. With the internet gone, two full time house guests, a semi-surprise visit from my mentor teacher (thanks for the pizza!) and a scheduled visit from my special Education itinerant as well as dog to watch over the weekend and a student who comes over for an hour of tutoring after school, I have been running around like a complete nutbar. Things have settled down, the internet is back on, and I think I might have enough time to sneak in a proper Wednesday update...if only I had more to say.

Music Update: I just want to re suggest the band "My Morning Jacket" for consideration. They're stylish mix of heartfelt songs and straight out old fashioned rock music has been a major player in the salvation of this last week. Late at night when everyone goes to bed I put one of their spacey albums and follow it to the end of th galaxy.

Things I'm Loving: Our underdeveloped and utilized school library with treasure from the 70's a plenty. The lady who is staying with me (Mrs. Stillwell) cooking (she's a mom!). My $12 south American woolen booties (see ridiculous photo!) Bananas and Nutella for breakfast an Ethiopian delicacy. Checking off another day on any of the 6 calendars I am using to track the ending of the year. Tazo "Calm" tea. Lists of things not to forget when I go home. Reimbursment checks from SPED conference classes. A+ grades and praise from SPED class instructors.

Things I'm Hating: The no gum/hats/soda/ipods rules at school. The LKSD Phase System. Still not knowing who my principal for next year is. Holes in the snow where someone fell through that have since been covered over by a treacherous thin layer of snow causing said hole to act as a wicked knee breaking trap. Soar backs from roller blading in the gym. Internet Malfunctions. White board markers that nun out of marker.

Cool Podcast to Check out: WNYC's RadioLab. Thank for introducing me to this cool free podcast Katie. This program basically takes anything you can think of and goes into a deep exploration of every facet and angle of the topic. Whether its pop music, the fate of modern space exploration of what have you, they can make anything interesting and informative. Check it out.

Well I wish I had more exciting things to share with you all but to tell you the truth I'm absolutely exhausted from all the guests, all the no internet have to totally think on my feet and pull lessons out of ass, and all the stressin about leaving for the summer.

I'm going to do my very best to keep up the quality content you all seem to be enjoying (anonymously or openly) over the next few weeks. Lets all start to get used to the fact that the blog is going to go through a change in the next few weeks as we transition from a situation where I am in isolation on an island in the Bering Sea to a situation surrounded by friends, family and activity. I'm not saying Radiate Warmth will end, I'm saying that its going to change. And, we all know how people deal with change, we fear it, and often strike out in anger. So just chill and ride the wave of change ok?


Reese-E said...

LOVE the booties, kale! they're so cool and they look super comfy! your summer is almost here!! did you ever figure out when you're visiting LA? it'll be fun to hang out!

Bummush Olrun said...

Like Totally LMAO!!! Mr. Iverson.....Humpday???

funky punk said...

Those are some sweet, cozy booties!

positivelystephie said...

oh my! you got the same makalocks as me!!! woah! we are sooo connected!

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