Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Writing Class Warm Up

I had the kids write a poem and it had to include these words or their various derivatives: sunset, star, happy, clap, night, day, upside-down, liquid, thought, wish, choice.

I often do the assignments myself with them, this is what I came up with.

The thunder clapped
My world was upside-down
I was standing
On the edge of a liquid Sea
I wished the sun would never set
I hoped the night would come
And the stars would choose to arrive...
A thought that often comes to mind

ANYONE Else want to try this exercise and post it as a comment?

Cool, I have a very important Humpday Umpdate later today.


Reese-E said...

A writing exercise! Fun!
(Can you tell I’m oh so busy at work??)

Here goes:

If you asked me when I’m happy,
I’d know exactly what to say,
I’d say I’m happy all the time,
Every night and every day.

I’m happy under sunsets,
Under stars and under sun,
I’m happy when the day’s just started
And when the day is done.

I’m happy when I’m right-side up
And when I’m upside-down,
I’m happy when I’m lost in thought,
And when I’m running ‘round.

I’m happy when I’m in control
And when it’s not my choice,
I’m happy when I whisper soft
And when I raise my voice.

If I could fill a bottle
With this happiness I would,
I’d make it into liquid form
That smelled and tasted good.

Then everyone could take a dose
And clap their hands with glee,
They could all stop wishing to be happy
‘Cause happy’s what they’d be.

P.S.—Did I follow the rules? (and yes, I know it’s cheesy)

kmc said...

Happy liquid thinks in thoughts of wishes:
Upside down, ocean is sky,
night, day
and stars shoot into sunsets,
Clapping selves into serenity,
But not by choice,
By wishes thoughts could be.

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