Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tuesday Abuse Day

Man, I am freaking tired. The daylights savings time has crippled me some how. It was light out till at least 9:45 last night. Its affecting the kids too. Class has been going okay this week but the long days have been wearing me out. Tomorrow is the first day of Physical Education and I'm excited to start getting back into some regular physical routine.

Iverson Photos of the Day: Both of these photos are from the Heavens Edge Resort at the top of the Mountain outside of Nadi, Fiji. The group photo is the entire family that I stayed with. The resort had only been open a week and the only regret I have of the photo is that the tool looking guy on the left showed up on my last day because I told him about it on the boat 5 days earlier. I wish he wasn't in the photo, I didn't like him. The other photo is of me taking a rest while on a wild pig hunt through the rainforest earlier in the week. Contrary to stories I like to tell, I never really caught or killed a pig. The memory has been embellished in my mind over time. But, I like to pretend I did. It was exciting walking around the jungle with a spear and a machete though.

The Song is "Conducive to the Good Times" and is the title track of the album. I wrote it about this New Years Eve at the Flowmotion show at the Tractor.


Reese-E said...

Awww, I love that song! So good! And I can't believe it stays light that late where you're at! I like the longer days, but I think that would be super weird.

And yes, you can use the three words to describe yourself as a blog post! It really is so hard to pick three. Glad it got ya pondering!

positivelystephie said...

every time i vote for your readers choice section i am always voting with the majority! and here i thought i was unique.. guess i am just like everyone else! ok we know thats not true..
love yah!

alisha said...

FYI...your blog is loading super slow again.

It's crazy how much light there is. by the time we go home for summer, I figure it will be light well until midnight. Gosh, imagine what the students will be like then...not to mention me!

72 days until I fly outta here for awhile.

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