Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Humpday Umpdate 3/5

MidWeek Musical Artist Update: Galactic from the album "Coolin' Off" I have to say I always kind of liked this band, but out of over playing most of my other music I ventured off my beaten playlist path and gave this band a chance. I can say, Galactic lays down a buttery arse layer of some good old fashion funkdafication. I felt like I was in a smoky room watching a bunch of leather handed funk/bluesman lay down a private session. I suggest you check it out if you get a chance.

Today is the start of our hunting/half spring break. It couldn't have come a second too soon. I guess this time of year is when people commonly start getting "cabin fever" and I totally think its setting in. The kids are getting squirly. We've had a couple meltdowns and discipline problems from unlikely sources and people are starting to wear on each other's nerves. So, we get four days to relax. I was supposed to dog sit this weekend but the storm took care of that due to no planes picking up anyone today.

I'm holding an off the books Student Art Society tomorrow at 4 pm. The kids said they wanted to come anyways. We'll see how many show up for Mod Podge and working on our Poetry Newsletter called "The Rock Poems" (they call this island The Rock). I think I'm gonna have a couple pots of tea ready to go cuz its crazy outside.

Tax season is in full swing. It always stresses me out. Hopefully this year I get some money back.

Everyone buy your Sasquatch Festival tickets this weekend on Saturday starting at noon.

I am back on the Facebook are you?

I am on the Skype "Kale Iverson" you should get it too.

I added a new chapter to Leonard K. Humple

I had to shovel our steps to get into our house coming home from school today. My neighbors fiance Ralph the maintenance man always beats me to the punch. Sweeping, Shoveling, Raking, and Chopping have always brought me a type of peace.

I don't really have much else to share. Oh yeah, I wore my overalls today because it was kind of like Friday. You might be wondering, "Why is this guy determined to keep us updated on the status of his overalls wearing?" Well they rule, you need to get some. If you're feeling me on these overalls speak up so that everyone can know how comfy and fun they are!

I'm trying to figure out a way to post my music to this blog but I can't really figure out a way. Hopefully I'll find someone to help me.

Have a good day at work tomorrow....suckers.


Anonymous said...

Kale did you see Jack Johnson is coming to the Gorge in August?
Chris rec. this email yesterday:

Pre-Sale: Jack Johnson
Just announced, Jack Johnson is bringing his summer tour to The Gorge on August 22nd. Tickets go on-sale to the public next week, but YOU can buy tickets early starting March 8th at 10 am until March 14th at 10 pm. Just click here and use the password: "mountainallatonce".

I know where we will be!!!

Oh, did you see Alex's clip? It was a movie he finished filming in November. The clip is just one part he played in the movie. He actually had at least 10 other scenes. You can hear him shouting and yelling in the background as the clip runs.

You can see it on OR on You have to look up the director-bertelsen and poppies.

Have a great 4 days off. I am counting the days down until spring break. However, there are perks to teaching in an elementary school; its Dr. Seuss wk. Today I am making Green Eggs and Ham for my kiddo's-YUM! :O)


Reese-E said...

Saw some funny pics of you when you were just a college kiddo last night! Mason's moving to a new apt this weekend so he was cleaning out and stumbled upon a punch of pictures. Fun stuff! Enjoy your days off! So jealous.

Mr. Kale Iverson said...

AWWWW MAN! Sorry Jen I'll be back in Alaska by then :( Otherwise I'd be there.

There should be plenty of other shows to go to plus I'm couch surfing this summer so I'll probably hit you up a couple times for a place to stay for the night.

I did see Alex's clip, the movie looks crazy! In a good way. Is it going to get circulated in any indi theatres around Washington?

Thanks for the tip though!

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see what the director does with the film. I know he wants it to go big! We will see...

For the concert, you could always call in sick. Oh wait, I don't think that works there does it? Not really able to just take off on a moments notice?!? :O)

You are always more than welcome here. We have plenty of room-play your cards right and you could call the tiki, a.k.a. man room, your room. Chris has the big screen tv, lots of neon, dart board, the bar and his real Jimmy Buffett slot machine!!! You would have to share a bathroom with the kids, but other than that-it shouldn't be too bad! :O)

Have a super day/evening!!

positivelystephie said...

hmmm funny you write this, i have seen galactic a bunch and they are in munich next week! wish you were here to come with me!!

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