Monday, January 14, 2008


Since it is Monday here is a couple lyric snippits from the song "Monday" by ALO.

"Go back to sleep and dream, tip down your pink sombrero, today is a timemachine that is broken down in tomorrow"

"We get lost all the way, by the things that we do and we say, things things we don't even mean, but we say anyway and pretend to believe."

"Monday, Monday, see whats become of my Sunday"

I like that I'm running with the weekly update, Maybe I can add some "On the Road" Quotes as well...that's what most people call 'TAKING IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL...BABY!" So I'll do that for you.

It was a good Monday. My kids were a little groggy so I layed a learning smack down on them and they were rendered helpless to my magical entrancement of knowledge yet again. School was delayed till ten due to wicked snow blizzard activity this morning. The late start was nice because it gave me time to write two Cultural Education610 papers I've been putting off. Man I can't stand those assignments. I even got pretty snippy in one just to do my part in sticking it to the man. People need to know that if you are an educator trying to teach educators you better practice good teaching or it will come back to bite your out of date traditional butt.

Anatomy/Physiology is going well. We just learned about skin and are moving on to the skeletal system. I have a skeleton in my room! Apparently he/she has a name already but I want to give him/her a new one. Something old school like Bernice or Chester.

Writing is going well also. I think the students are starting to understand that writing can be self satisfying as well as something you have to do so that you can graduate. Trying to blend the two with the damn phase system is pretty tough.

JH Science has switched to a more Chemistry focused curriculum. We just started learning about matter, elements and atoms. I always forget how abstract it is to teach about things that no one can really their faith in science? I leave that one up for comment.

Health is actually a good class now that it's everyday. The boys understand that it's not just a goof off time in between PE classes. We learned all about the NEW food pyramid on the USDA website. Apparently the old one is out of date (it is) and the new one is actually pretty cool, it includes physical activityno so check out your personal pyramid at

I got Netflix in the mail today so you know my night is pretty much booked solid. Have a good week y'all.


Anonymous said...

Weeeeird. As you may know I've been listening to that album, and the song Monday was playing as I decided to see what blogging you've been up to lately (i.e. today,) and so I was reading the lyrics and hearing them at once, it was a little twilight zoney actually. Thought you'd like that.

alisha said...


I'd like to suggest "silly goose" as a possible old person phrase of the week. There is also "gee willikerz" (sp) and "hunky doory". "Wet my whistle" is also a funny one.

hope you are hanging in there on the coast. did you get that blizzard everyone was talking about? We didnt :(

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