Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Drawings, Music, and New Features

Here is a drawing called "Nature Simplified"
I'm not super happy with the new calligraphy pens I've been forced to switch to now that my Vis-A-Vis black overhead thin marker has been worn down to the nubs. I'm also not crazy about this drawing. I feel like it looks like a little kid drew it, but then again I was trying to simplify the complexity of a natural scene, so that was accomplished.

I'm pleased to see 6 votes already on the "Pick a topic for me to write about" Poll in the sidebar. I want to get writing so I'm going to change the voting time to 4 days from now on. I also can't add suggestions till the next poll. Lastly, IN THE EVENT OF A TIE, I WILL BE FORCED TO SOMEHOW WEAVE A SYNERGETIC UNION OF THE TWO WINNING TOPIC INTO ONE ALL ENCOMPASSING easy feat considering the topics. I mean just imagine, triceratops and cheese.

I have been constantly editing the music player feature on Radiate Warmth as well. So be sure to check out the new "Tasty" cuts. I'm pretty proud of the selections.

Lastly, I have been thinking about the direction of this blog. I have come to a realization that many of the things that I think are cool, important, amazing and wonderful I only know about because someone took the time to show them to me or I stumbled upon them through my nomadic searching of wandering the abyss and Yonder of life. Since I value happy, peaceful, joyful, energy and nature filled things of kindness and love I think that the point of this blog is two fold: I feel the need to share realizations about my life with you so that we can stay connected and share a positive connection and TWO: I feel the need to also pass on the love that I have been shown and that I have discovered in this life to others. I hope you appreciate both.


Bummush Olrun said...

Man you wrote soo much on your many times do you go on in a day? gosh i wish i had more time to spend on my blog....I also LOVE the pictures you drew...honestly!...i mean i probable wouldn't be able to draw such a thing with markers...well it was nice commenting you

alisha said...

Hey Kale,

I checked out Coretta's blog from the link here on yours from her comment. I couldnt resist commenting on her blog. I think it's so cool that you've got your students blogging. I hope it's ok with you that i commented on her blog.

You got your "our culture class is a farkin' waste of time" dance done yet?

see ya

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