Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sunday Morning

So I woke up just in time for church to start. Then I purposefully didn't go because of what was on the horizon. Check these photos out! That is where my god is at. I love the 10:30 sunrise because you can sleep in and welcome the eternal giver of life into the world.
Well, it was so unbelievably cold that my cheeks started to burn, I was like, "My entire face is covered with fur how can it be cold?" But the arctic sea air attacks any uncovered skin surface. I covered my face with a scarf and was warm again. I went down to the entrance of the river. This is a part of town I don't make it to often. There are a lot of really old houses and homes. I wondered what I have to do to live in one of these places. They are incredible. I mean check this place out. How would you like to wake up to the sunrise here. Drinking coffee with a trusty labrador at my side and Jack Kerouac novel in my lap. Ol' Jack wouldn't be drinking coffee though. But I would, the morning is no time for Port.
The best part of the walk was when I discover a bunch of fox tracks. I followed them down to the river entrance and fount at least ten fox dens. Now most people around these parts would have set up traps or made plans to come back and shoot them. I could never do that. Not a fox. Not a reindeer. Not a musk ox. I can handle the blood of a fish on my hands. I could handle shooting a bird. Not mammals. Yet, I have no problem eating a steak or bacon. What a hypocrite am I? What I realized though is that if I could get down to the fox dens a little earlier I might be able to catch them coming home from a night full of scavenging. How cool would that be? I'd probably get attacked by a pack of pissed off foxes.
I started to try and find ice blocks before the sunrise got too intense, but I couldn't find any really cool ones. This photo is about the best I could do. I still think ice and sunrise are a perfect match. Another way to look at the sun is through the dead, dried up and frozen tundra grasses poking through the snow. Without this sun, these grasses could not survive. There has been speculation about some of the effects of global warming out here. Eskimo's may have the first opportunity of their lives to grow gardens if the current climate change continues. I wonder if these hearty people will be able to adapt to having their way of life wiped out by human negligence? Yet another awesome contribution of the western culture and way of life right? Not only are we good at destroying cultures we are pretty effective at destroying just plain simple life. Awesome job us! Well, I think something big will happen. I think those who are meant to go on will. I mean, if you look at any population of living organism, they grow exponentially when unlimited resources are available. As if they can not help themselves, they will keep eating and breeding and making waste. Even if they wanted to stop they couldn't. The population just grows and grows. Unfortunately we haven't observed a population of organisms that grows exponentially like this that, once they reach astronomical numbers, levels out and lives the rest of history all honky dory. Nope, they reach that peak of the tip of the pinnacle of their existence and then the population plummets to the lowest possible number able to continue on to the next generation. This is kind of like a population cleaning house. I'm afraid something like this will happen in my lifetime because my generation (I guess we're now being called the "Me" Generation) has never experienced a major horror of humanity. Katrina, 9/11, Iraq, Darfur and the Tsunami were all very disturbing, but the media has a way of spinning things enough to keep them at a distance for us. Nice and safe and far away unless it is happening to you. My generation hasn't felt loss, real expensive, dirty in your face "OH MY GOD" loss. I think it will happen someday and there is nothing we can do about it.
In most addiction and alcohol recovery programs the most important moment for a person so that they can start to rebuild their life is "Hitting Rock Bottom." That is the moment for the person who has slunk so low that all they can do is weep, look at their life, look at the heavens and sob "Dear God Help, I can't do this on my own." You see humanity hasn't hit rock bottom yet. I don't think the race of man will be able to recover until this moment happens on a global level. When we have wiped out our ecosystems, crops, and oceans humanity will hit rock bottom. You might say, "Well that's a defeatist attitude, you're just giving up." I would defend this prophecy by saying that a sick person, an addict, can't stop doing what its doing until its wants to. A person doesn't get better until they finally see that they have no other choice but to die. Do you WANT to stop your way of life? Do you think I want to? I mean really want to. Its going to take a global dedication immediately to change our path. And, at the break neck speed we're travelling, I can't see how anyone is going to change until there is no other option but death. This may be a scary thought for most of us. The reason is it is so scary is because it will involve billions of human deaths, our families, our countries, our continents. The human cost of all of our waste and excess will be unfathomable. I would suggest trying to look past the common increment of human time. We usually only think of time on a small, lifetime level. Think of humans thousands of years down the line. A mass tragedy because of blatant earth disrespect and waste may have been the only way we could redirect our path for any sort of sustainable existence on earth. We won't just simply stop increasing the population at 7 billion and everyone will stop wasting and it all will be cool. It won't happen like that. Its becoming a global community more each day. SOMETHING is going to happen. I don't want to freak anyone out, I'm just saying you have to look at it on a biological, statistical, level. Humans are a population of organisms. We are going to outrun our resources soon. The important message I want to pass on is how are we going to participate in the end. I think there are several options. You could pray. You could put a bag over your head. You could grab a spear and run into the woods. You could go to the pub. Or, you could pray, take the bag and stop by the pub, grab a spear and run into the woods. I like the last option. That is kind of why I didn't go to church this morning. I don't think I am god. I just saw more light coming out of that horizon then off the side of that church this morning. And, I will follow the illuminations in life. Heaven, salvation, peace, divinity, nirvana, god and grace are all words for the same feeling. When that sun peaks over the horizon for the first time that day and the light blasts right into you, you feel warm even on a rocky ice laden shore on an island in the Bering Sea. That's where its at right there. The goal then becomes to absorb that, let it infect you, let it become you, then let it shine back out of you so that you infect everyone else with that exact type of light. That is what RADIATE WARMTH is all about. It is a mindset. It is a goal. It is a dream. If it is all going to hell in a handbasket then I choose how I go out. I say go out with the light.


Anonymous said...

The adoption of the Radical Change Scenario, which is the only one that can possibly save our planet, means that each one of us has to take total responsibility for all our actions, without even asking ourselves whether our own tiny contribution will make any difference or not. We are not responsible for what other people do, and, except by example and persuasion, we cannot influence them. But we are responsible for what we do... we must believe (because we all know it in our hearts, which is really the only way we can know anything) that Nature, or God, or the Life Force--but something, call it what you will--has fitted each one of us with a thing we call a conscience... We make our own Heaven or Hell.

-John Seymour, Living As Though the World Mattered, as excerpted from Anthology for the Earth, Judy Allen, copyright 1997

Here's to a mass awakening. (What? It's possible...)

p.s. Here's also to 10:30 sunrises. Congratulations, you made someone in Hawaii a little bit jealous of you today.

Mr. Iverson said...

Now that's what I'm looking for folks. That is a textbook awesome blog comment right there.

Mass awakening, thats so cool. I kind of want to change my blog name to that. Thanks Hawaiian princess. It is possible. It is something to hope for.

Anonymous said...

Well I'm glad you liked it; I stumbled upon that excerpt last week actually during some next semester planning with my cohorts. When I read your post it came immediately to mind, I wish you could see the art that goes with it...well maybe you can actually.
see you soon, I leave tomorrow!!

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