Monday, November 5, 2007

Ah Hah! Monday I bested you.

Monday you are a weak dragon. No match for the shiny armor of a fearless warrior hippie first year teacher dragon slayer. I stared your firey nostrils down, I gazed upon your scaly Monday Dragon skin, I clenched my white board markers tightly and thrust them into the center of your Monday heart. Alas you fell, I bested you Monday beast. Your large winged mass shuttered before me on the ground, your now limp wings able to flap no more!

Now a nimble and more cunning foe awaits, the Tuesday troll. His poison is more subtle. His deception more witty. His breath not so firey but still rather rancid...I'm getting off track here, Tuesday I will best your trolls tricks tomorrow. I say "Bring it Tuesday, just try me, I got a mouth full of Monday Dragon blood and it tastes good."

Don't ask me what the hell I am thinking as I write this, having a good Monday came with a sanity. But let's continue the odd semi-fantasy theme for the week and see what we can come up with eh?

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