Monday, October 15, 2007

The new album is hitting the first recipients!

Some people got their brand new "I Need Life" album today in the mail! You can have your very own copy if you simply email me with your address. I've already started on a side project cd. It's a creepy dance album mixed with Nintendo game sounding melodies and I've decided to call the fake group Humphry GoCart and the Casablahblah's. You better put in a request for "I need Life" before you get behind! I've sent albums to several people, Brooke yours is coming, and I know of a bunch of people that need to have it so here is a list of people that I could conceivably imagine I want to have it off my head (if I leave you out don't think you shouldn't get one its just real late and I forgot). Steve W. Brianna and John, Randy and Germany, Wilfredo, Manoah, Gramps, Pam and Roger, (Insert any Random relative I have forgotten), Brett O., Mason, Jeff, Mary and Bree, (if you found my blog from myspace), Various Boeing friends of Mark Iverson, Various Allstate friends of Susan Iverson, various WSU friends of Halbert Halverstein Iversonious Iversberg, Leslie, Derek and Rachel, Seanzarelli, Dooooogan, Sharon, Matt S., Sam and any other festival friends that may read this. I can send out about 19 more albums before I need a new shipment of burnable cd's. That is if you want the album art and lyrics and a real Kale Iverson signed bootleg record that started his path towards stardom as a long haired leaping gnome (thank you Dad and Eric Burden and War for inspiration). Ok I need to go to bed, but seriously I just want to share some free music with you that I made in a month and a half in my living room in a Eskimo Village in the Bering Sea without being able to read music. Even if you've been too wussy to even comment on my blog, (for which you need to grow a set of marbles), you should jump at the chance to make contact through email which is safe and discreet, don't assume I have your address. Even if I do I'm not just going to send them out like that creepy guy who made the "Wild Animus" book and cd. Just ask me for a copy and I'll give it to you. If you already have a copy BURN IT for anyone you want. I don't care as long as people are rocking out to it okey dokey? Yes siree Bob its free to all. Have a good night and
I'm waiting for you waiting for me waiting for the next big show. Peace all that gobbley gook.


Susan Iverson said...
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jen said...

Thank you for our cd! We love it! Listened to it last night at dinner and I came home today, to hear it playing already when I walked through the door!
Loves to you!
Jen and the rest of our Wicks crew!!!!

stephie said...

i got it 2 days ago!.. you will have to wait for my letter in the mail!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I just discovered the blog, I knew it was here but hadn't looked yet. my regrets, I will start commenting now...! I really liked your cd and the artwork on it. Hal Kurt and I listened to it late in the night a while back. I love your lyrics, you're a real poet. You got real creative with the garage band beats too. It was fun to listen too and I will listen to it again soon because I fell asleep maybe half way through ( again, it was late and I was pooped). Well, I will finish reading this after yoga and see if I have anything else to say.peace and much love, Leslie
ps-how cold is it? Its getting chily here but everytime I complain about it I should just think about what you're feelin up in the arctic huh!

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