Saturday, October 27, 2007

I'm BACK y'all!

Hey My Friends! Holy guacamole its been a while. I'm sorry I have disappeared off the radar for a week or so. One of the disadvantages of living on an island in the Bering Sea is that when the Internet goes out it may take weeks for it to get fixed. So its working again and I can tell you how great it is to hear from all of you.

I am so pumped that people are interested in the Alaskan life up here. When I got internet back tonight I had 45 emails to respond to and like 10 new blog comments. Big up to yourselves, Respect to you all for caring!

Lot's to say because it has been a crazy week. First and foremost, my Grandfather Lin Wicks Sr. passed away. I had a very real pit in my stomach when I left that something like this might happen before I came home for Christmas. Now that it has I realize the power of thoughts yet again. I will write more about my grampa in blogs to come, but for now I would just simply like to say Grampa I'll miss you. I'm sure you're up there cracking jokes with the creator and flirting with angels. I also know that you and Grandma are probably playing at the most awesome Indian Casino heaven has to offer together. Every time I blow my nose I remember the fart noise you used to make when you blew mine as a child. Hal, Lin, Steve, Chris, Brianna, Casey, Jordan, Beth and many others know exactly what I'm talking about. We'll have to that for ourselves now.

What else is going on? Well I've learned something about life up here. The absence of things makes their reappearance so appreciated and epic. Not having internet to keep in touch, gain resources for teaching, use for football scores, get new music, blog, or anything has made me worried about my emotional ties to the internet. I did not realize how important it was in my life up here. On one hand I had to go back to the old way. Do you remember that? Life without internet. I had a simple week. I can't lie, my life was a lot less complex. But, sometimes I think a simple life is impossible and possibly very boring. So now that I got the world wide web back lets tear some **** up. Maybe I needed a break, Its 9:20 on a Saturday night and I feel like I just got shot out of a cannon. I have something to do! Idle hands do the devils work. I think that's true but if the work I did this week was for the Devil than he can't be that bad because I did a lot of good stuff.

Next, if you have requested a copy of "I Need Life" I am working on it. Can you be patient? It is hard going burning them one by one and my post office has quirky hours. Also, they are going to run out of acceptable types of packages to send them in so I'll have to be resourceful.

I'm probably going to do another post later tonight, I like writing at midnight.


Anonymous said...

You should know that Grandpa was very proud of you and all that you encompass as a person. He loved it when I read your blog entries to him and marveled at your talent writing and performing. I am grateful that my dad was able to know the wonderful man my son has become. Love, mom

stephie said...

i am so sorry about your grandpa!
you are the 3rd friend in 24 hours who i found out lost a grandpa.. wow.. At the very least you have great memories of him.. and he lives on in you...i know it is cheezy but it is so true!
love you loads!

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