Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"Hey Joe" Cu'Pig Style

Last night I got invited to play ukulele with the local band WD-40. They are a country/rock band of about 4 or 5 local men. The practice was held in the National Guard Armory, which was hilarious. So to continue setting the scene, there is a full band set complete with drums, amps, pick ups, pedals, acoustic and electric guitars, electric bass, microphones and everything in a room full of gun lockers and ARMY "Be all you can be" stickers. To add to that all the men in the band are fairly short Cu'pig Eskimo men. So as practice began I couldn't help but smile, giggle and burst out in laughter at how awesome my life is that I am playing, singing and loving "Achy Breaky Heart" by Billy Ray Cirus with 4 Eskimo dudes. Not only that, we rock and I fit in with my uke like a pinky finger to a favorite glove. So after practicing several songs by Willie Nelseon, George Strait, CCR, the boys start to play "Hey Joe" by Jimi Hendrix. I don't know the chords to that song and I was looking for a song out of the book to sing. Once I realized what was happening I stopped in my tracks to marvel at the unbelievable moment I was witnessing. I was witnessing 4 Cu'pig Eskimo men, some of them police officers, fishermen, school board members and regular Joe's, hit note for note one of the coolest songs ever written by Jimi Hendrix. The same guy who melted the national anthem at Woodstock had inspired 4 Eskimo's men to learn another of his song's intricacies and play them to perfection in an ARMY building. I tell you what, that right there is patriotism, that right there is irony, that right there is my life and I love it. My cheeks hurt from smiling as I heard a face melting guitar solo by the bands electric guitar player, the spot on gut busting bass tones and acoustic guitar rhythms and perfect drumming. I can't explain what exactly I was feeling, but if you could bottle it and sell it you would have one hell of a silly time. I wish I could truly portray the absolutely fantastic scene it was to see me with those fine gentlemen play "Proud Mary" by CCR. As I belted out "Rollin, Rollin on the River." I realized what life was all about. Three years ago I could have guessed where my life would end up but in not one out of one hundred of those guesses could I have imagined anything even remotely resembling what happened last night. If that is what this life has for me, deal me in! I'm ready life, you just keep bringing one wacky curve ball after another and I'm waitin, LET'S GO!


alisha said...


I wasnt even there and I'm smiling just reading about it! What an awesome adventure and amazing story. That's one to remember on the not so good days! Just goes to show you...we're all human just the same. I enjoy reading your blog. I hope to come visit Mekoryuk sometime...when is that reindeer run festival?

Take care and keep on pushing those students even if they do call you names. Let me tell you...I've been called worse and by the time your through teaching you'll have been called worse too. Oh...and I wanted to talk to you about that big project you had hanging in your classroom where the students drew out the chromosomes and DNA and all that. Could you email with more specific info about how you completed that project? I think I'd like to use it, if you dont mind. Thanks, alisha at BRHS

stephie said...

ahhh yes when life becomes more then you could have imagined! isn't that awesome!!! It is whats keeps me going for sure!

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