Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday Mekoryuk Style

Today I got up and went to the Mekoryuk Covenant Church for morning service. It was simple and heartfelt. I realized that it is a good thing for some people but I don't think "God" will ever be a reality in my life. Regardless I went over to the pastors house for lunch. His name is Nathan and he has a really cool eskimo wife and two kids. The lunch consisted of fresh halibut, homemade chicken soup, rice, eskimo ice cream with local tundra berries and peanut butter cookies. It was delicious and Nathan's family is really accepting and generous. After walking back to our unit with my neighbor Annie and a local teen named Bjorn Kristian I decided to go on an adventure by myself. I walked the same walk I went on with Josh's family but in reverse. The tide was way out which exposed some rocks and tidal pools. I started investigating to see if it would be worthwhile to take my class next week. I found a starfish missing an arm, a stranded jellyfish, and a lot of really amazing algae. I will definitely bring my class down if possible. I took a lot of pictures and wrote a poem in the sand:

As the wind blows through the sands of my mind
And the sand blows into the corners of time
The time clock is ticking and I don't mind
If you've read this just walk along
And see what you will find

I walked all the way down the beach and came back through the tundra and dunes along 4 wheeler trails. There were a lot of really interesting flowers and I took a lot of close up photos. I worked up a sweat on the walk home and I made a sundial to mark the time.

When I got home I played ukulele for a while, watched a really lame movie on tv and did some computer work. I have to say, for someone who absolutely hates sundays this one has been really nice.

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