Friday, August 17, 2007

How I Rocked today

Today I went on a walk along the rocky shores of a tidal river next to my village. I wrote this poem.

Rock Poem # 1

A very large boulder once said to me,
"I'll never be sand."
"I'll never get shaved down to that."
But the boulder broke in half one day.
And, it lost a corner too.
Over and over for ever it seemed to keep happening.
Until one day the boulder woke up
And it was only a rock.
It said, "Well I'm no boulder, but a rock
Is good enough."
The boulder continued with conviction
"I can be a rock, but I still will never be Sand."
But, the life of a rock is hard.
A boy picked up and skipped the rock one day.
Lying in the river bed the boulder thought,
"Well a wet rock is still a rock, I am a rock."
But, the river current took the rock.
It bounced it down to the sea eventually.
The rock reminisced,
"I've come a long way since being a boulder,
but a sea rock is a rock none the less."
Oh, but the tide had its way with the rock.
It rolled it up and down the beach twice a day
Until it was only a pebble.
Smaller and smaller the pebble became.
It panicked for what seemed like centuries
Until one definitive day it woke up a grain of sand.
"Gosh Darned it! I am just a lousy piece of sand now!"
The sand cried out.
"I am nothing anymore, there are a billion other
Sands just like me all over this beach."
It said sadly to itself.
At that exact moment the sand realized that
No other grain of sand had gotten there exactly
The same way it had. It was a special Sand.
The Sand sighed a tiny sand sigh and thought
About all the many parts of it that it had lost
Since being a boulder.
"They will be sand someday too, everything will be sand."
The Sand proclaimed proudly.
The Sand was proud of its journey and then it thought,
"I may be a simple grain of sand but I will never
Disintegrate into nothing."
But the Sand got smaller still,
Until it was Nothing.
"Whatever," the Nothing said.
"I'm Nothing, so what?"
The Nothing flew around the universe.
Finally free from the bonds of trying to be,
The Nothing could do whatever its non existence wanted.
It went around not doing things and not being.
"This is nice, no more pressure to be."
The Nothing thought, which was rare,
Because the Nothing thought nothing mostly.
One day the Nothing saw something
Up in the distant reaches of space.
It was very bright and light blasted out of it.
The Nothing, not being anything,
Went right up to light and said,
"Who the hell are you? I am Nothing, what
Are you doing here?"
The light replied warmly,
"Hello dear Nothing, I am Everything."
"Oh am I supposed to worship you or something?"
The Nothing scoffed.
"You can worship something if you want,
But I am only Everything."
The Everything replied softly.
"I am a even you."
The Nothing stopped in its tracks,
Which did not exist.
The Nothing rubbed its eyes in disbelief.
The Nothing was looking at Everything
and it realized that they were Something together.
"We are truly something aren't we?!"
They said in unison.
"If we are Something, we could be Anything."
They said together.
"Lets be Mountain, yeah, a Mountain."
"A Mountain is something."
"A Mountain definitely is not nothing."
"A Mountain is a really big boulder."
And the Mountain was okay with that.

I think this would be a good children's book with out the cussing and with pictures.
Anyone want to illustrate?



Anonymous said...

We are lucky enough to have presence on this earth let alone experience everything you have. May you be a boulder, a rock, a pebble, sand and a mountain on this incredible journey. Every experience is a good experience. Enjoy!! Great poem, great person. I am lucky to know you. Can't wait to share your experiences. Love you cousin.


stephie said...

i will read it to the kids, see what they think.. then you should illustrate i have seen what you can do with sidewalk chalk, its amazing!

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