Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Blog Nightmare

In an attempt to get my 4 writing class students to understand the joys of writing for personal growth and satisfaction, I had them each create their own blogs. Unfortunately, when I asked them to comment on each other's blogs they commented about things that mostly have nothing to do with writing. I want them to take this thing seriously but I have a feeling its going to turn into one long butt and fart joke. A long joke that will get me into trouble in the end.


Susan Iverson said...

Don't second guess yourself. Your students will soon learn that you genuinely have their bests interests at heart and will come around. Just keep being true to yourself and I am sure you will be fine. Let dignity and respect prevail!

Anonymous said...

So then, do you have any students who write with a pen that looks like fake poop? I do. At least he's writing. They'll come around.

Anonymous said...

Remember, those jokes can make people lots of money-the one that comes to mind is Beevis and Butthead...writing is about personal choice, though we may not appreciate the jokes, we have to allow freedom with very clear guidelines and expectations! Also, writing in class (especially if you know others will read it) is often built on trust. Its much easier to get a laugh by making people laugh, than being 'laughed at'. Trust first has to be built with the teacher, as well as with the students. They may have known each other from day one, yet exposing yourself through your writing (even though the writing assignment seems basic and harmless) allows people to judge you. Kale, you have so many wonderful things to share with students! Kids don't realize how much we actually care and then how hurt we can be when it doesn't go as we may have planned. Share your passion daily with them. Maybe its days you laugh, or days when you are angry, but everyday, you need to first put yourself out there. Start simple to build trust and respect and once that is in place, shoot for the stars! An idea, have them write to my first graders describing where they live, create a travel brochure for their hometown-persuasive writing! It allows them to be personable without being judged by their peers, since they all live a similar lifestyle. They can help one another find important beautiful details to share with my kiddo's. Tell them they are now the teachers. I need to teach a unit on Alaska and am not sure what I should teach. So, I've emailed you to ask your students what are some important facts or information I should share with my kids. Don't lose faith in what you are doing and don't second guess yourself! You have two great parents who were very involved in your schooling and wanted to know what you had to say when you were their (your students) age. They may not have that at home, so your passion and desire for them to succeed, maybe very odd to them. They may not know how to react to it. After years of having students like this in my class, I will tell you, keep the expectations high, keep your desire and passion for them to succeed visible at all times! The trust part will come, but it has to be earned! Once you have established it, its an amazing feeling and very empowering for everyone!

With lots of love-
Jen (Chris, Alex and Maddie)! :)

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