Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Anyone still out there?

Don't think anyone still reads. so maybe i'll start this blog over from here.

i wrote this poem the other day. it's called "The Terrible Lens" tell me what you think?

I saw the potent minds of my generation
redesigned and rebooted
glowing rectangles and drawn faces
oozing the drool of opiate massive
salivating pavlov and involuntary
at the cloud of collective hopes
and lies of boys
and girls searching
for a do over
for a one up
for an extra life
a magic mushroom

and its all from

The Ground!

The Ground! is the variable
The Ground! is the place
The Ground! is where you feel your feet
The Ground! is where you rub your face
The Ground! is the real feeling
The Ground! is rough and slick

The Ground!

the exponential choices
the multitude of voices
the infinite combination
every class and every vacation
in one big precipitous and electrified cloud
imaginary and LOUD

the sky mind used to be so absolute
and now earthman mind
and sores of institute

The Ground!

The Ground! is where you try
The Ground! is from which you fly
The Ground! is a molten mine
The Ground! is sometime a grind
The Ground! is what we dig to find
The Ground! is where the rocks shine
The Ground! is where the rocks shine
The Ground! is where the rocks shine


simple the calculation
simple the truth
simple all the same
simple in the ionized pursuits
simple in all the games
simple in your tribulations
simple in your name
simple all the excitement
simple the terrible lens of this generation

the way of the analog organic warriors
codes and judges and level
modern master soldiers
of a imaginary created universe

the power of love
is a curious thing
make one man weep
the other insane

curious curious curious

and damn the clarity
and damn the opaque
and damn the shadows
the tinted windows
the tinted halos
try your luck at that
and the queen of hearts don't give a shit

and she never did

you build it.

and you always did
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