Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Limping across the finish line.

Mayday Mayday I'm coming in hot, landing gear's busted and I got migs on my tail! Get out the fire trucks and fire up the cannons cuz its gonna be a fiery landing!

Me: plane about to crash
Migs: school
Landing Strip: winter break


But some good things too.

Psychedelic Dance Music has been the jam lately. I play it while cleaning, I play it while driving. I play in school with my kids and they like it.

Here's a list of bands that will make your life/classroom better immediately. Go get em.


Also, on NETFLIX movies on demand you need to watch Beavers on IMAX, The Atheism Tapes, Countryman, Sweetgrass, David Cross Bigger and Blackerer, and Danielson: A family Movie.

Hal's coming home finally.

Subaru turned over 150,000 miles running strong.

Kyle and I are growing ever so close to being confident enough to take our improvisational electronic looping show to the next level and book a show. I also am working an idea for an entire night of entertainment called FOLK TO FUNK. It will be a 3-4 hour show starting in the early evening and ending at dance-o-clock whenever. The set will start with simple folk songs and start to blead slowly song by song by transition to a full fledged electro funk no tronic dance show with many synthed out pop and trippyness in between. The coolest thing is that each show can feature who ever fits in. Think about it, FOLK TO FUNK! And if that never pans out I've also been developing an fake Christian Electronic Band played by two Atheists. The band will be called LAZER JEZUS, you would be surprised at how easy it is to make songs up about god.

Also, really enjoying that the state standards for science require me to teach evolution in 7th grade. There is nothing sweeter than saying, "Well I could NOT teach your child evolution but they will be severley behind in their science learning as they take the state tests and progress to high school where its required knowledge for graduation..." Awesome.

You should clean your house, it feels good afterward. But I sometimes wonder if clean house would feel so good if you didn't also trash them. Is it experiencing the opposite of something that gives it so much delight upon reception? Would Thanksgiving and Christmas break be so needed if I hadn't slaved so much at school?

The sweet would not be so sweet without the bitter. Damn you bitter, damn you.
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