Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hey Anyone still out there?

Well I write to you in the midst of a new job/life/situation. I work now. WORK a lot. The new school I'm at is starting from scratch and so am I. Its good for me, I was getting my roots so deep in my summer that I almost forgot that people work. Now its seems to be all I do.

The problem isn't the job, or the people there, or the kids, they're all great. The problem is that I have no time for things like this lately. Blogs, email, facebook, part of me misses it but I just don't think of online community as much lately.

That out the open, I don't even really have time to write a sufficient blog now either. I do have time to give you a bulleted list...they're efficient I suppose.

- String Cheese Incident at Hornings Hideout was amazing, people more than the music.
- I caught the Biggest Bass of my life 14.5" in Conconully
- I played two sets at Big Bottom Festival and killed it pretty damn well.
- Flowmotion Summer Meltdown Festival was mind blowing.
- I'm making a lot of electronic music and have some opportunities for shows soon
- Played a show at the Mandolin, the sound guy was a doosher.
- My brother is working grape crush at a winery far away for two months i miss him
- I wear a collared shirt, slacks and a tie every day, I feel dapper
- I quit smoking
- The WSU Cougar football team still sucks big time but I love going to Pullman home games with my family
- My Grandma and Grandpa are having a really hard time in their 90's
- Weeds, The Big Bang Theory and Boardwalk Empire are the best television shows on earth.
- I don't talk to my friends enough, or at all anymore, I miss them.

I miss you too.
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