Thursday, March 4, 2010

Everything Is Gay in Middle School These Days.

My Name Is Kale
And I'm Here to say
Being a middle school teacher
is all about the word "gay"

You may be thinking
about the state of "gay"
in the vernacular
of middle schoolers today

So I've composed a list
for you to see
all the things that are
currently "gay" to a teen

Homework? Gay
Math Test? Gay
Cancer? Gay
Killer Whales? Way Gay

Earthquakes? Boring Gay
Olympics? Retarded Gay
2-Step Equations? Mostly 2 Steps of Gay
Proper Pronouns? Properly Gay

Hall Passes? Pass the Gay
Ben? Painfully BenGay
No Texting? No...Super Gay
Being Gay? Actually...Not that Gay

High School? Gay
Shop Class? Less Gay
Mr. Iverson? Gay Maybe?
Mr. Iverson's Beard? Very Very Very Gay.
Mr. Iverson's Green Crocs? Probably made from Gay crocodiles.

As you can plainly tell
As you can clearly see
Everything is Gay
To a homophobic, behavior problem, failing every class, using ignorant words like "gay" all the time because they read at a 3rd grade level middle school teen.

Basically this little poem was inspired by the fact that today I kept track and heard a student(s) call something Gay exactly 29 times over 6 periods, Down from 56 last week on the same day of the week.

Thursday is my "Gay Tally" Day.

So before I go I would like to say
I hope your week is totally GAY, all day, everyday (in the happy way..or in whatever way you prefer gay because I think both are fine with me).

I Hope you have the Gayest week ever, because how awesome would that be right?


ms. cugno to some said...

ahhhh, in spite of knowing exactly how frustrating this legit problem really is, this post made me chuckle gayly...
I was made especially gay by the fact that you have a tally day.

soldier on...

Domnule Ortgiesen said...

Awoke from a long slumber to read your post and it certainly made my gay a little dayer.

Anonymous said...

What? AIDS isn't gay?

Erin said...

Haha! I love the list! Sorry we didn't get a chance to catch up in Seattle. I'll let you know when I'm making my way back through town!

Anonymous said...

"What? AIDS isn't gay?"

So it's true. Junior high school is gayer than AIDS.

AwesomlyMe said...

If I had a penny for everytime I heard "that's gay" I would be rich in a week! It's so annoying! Don't they know any words besides gay? It's offencive too! And when you say don't say that they get mad and say it more. So I always say "your cloths are so strait!" or somthing to the effect and people get mad. Really!?! You can use gay like that but not strait? Well...

Smirky said...

Hey k dog that was agood one made me laugh so how u doin wanted to talk to ya but ya never ever anser yo cell main hey call ya sumtime lata

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